Interlocking shoulder block design can grip and exclude screes and clods to increase drivers' maneuverability for the tires, and allow the car to be navigated freely on rugged roads.
The blocks extended to tread shoulders provides extra traction by the use of contact between blocks and srees while the tread could not touch roads.
Hook-shaped blocks can grip screes and clods to increase tires' thrust.
The prominent bar on the bottom of the grooves can prvents stones are ledged in the grooves.And it will exclude stones by the flexure moves cause by the prominent bar and the groove wall.
Z-shaped zigzag grooves can grip, mill the clods and adjust to all kinds of rugged roads.


Load Index
Speed Index
Rim Width (Inch)
OD (mm)
SW (mm)
17 35*12.50R17LT 119 Q 10.0 877 318
16 LT205/80R16 110/108 Q 5.5 734 202
16 LT185/85R16 105/103 L 5.0 721 182
15 37*12.50R15LT 118 L 10.0 928 318
15 31*10.50R15LT 109 Q 8.5 775 268
15 31*10.50R15LT 109 Q 8.5 775 268
15 30*9.50R15LT 104 Q 7.5 750 240

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